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Designed to thrill, excite, and challenge its participants, escape games are the newest form of interactive entertainment. Teams are invited to engross themselves in a series of obstacles and puzzles, and engage one’s intelligence, logic, and sense of urgency, whilst collaborating with others. Placed into a themed room and given an intriguing plot line, you and your team members must tackle a number of kinesthetic, linguistic, numerical and/or logic-based puzzles; to solve the mysteries contained therein, and finally...escape.

The exact origins of escape games remains uncertain, but variations of the concept have been seen, and played, by hundreds of thousands of people across the world. From Silicon Valley's Agatha Christie inspired mystery games to the Japan's Real Escape Games, students, friends, and business people alike, have participated in these escape adventures. Escape games were once just an online gamer's obsession, but with its popularity having grown exponentially, it has evolved from the virtual world into reality.

And now, Perplexity Escape Games is delighted to bring this real life adventure and experience to you. Our rooms are constructed with a focus on intelligence, interaction, intuition, investigation, and intensity – ultimately aiming to bring you a completely immersive and exciting experience. Offering a 3000+ sq. ft. facility, with meeting/conference amenities and an onsite cafe (coming soon), we are a great option for group/social gatherings, team building events, family outings, and more.

Are you ready to take on an escape room challenge? Do you have what it takes?


Team Building

Team building activities are a great way to provide high-impact learning, increase team skills and communication, whilst improving overall morale and productivity. Perplexity Escape Games will present your team with a series of challenging tasks, obstacles, and situations - encouraging them to not only draw upon their own skills and strengths, but to also collaborate with their peers, to achieve a common goal. Each shared success results in a sense of accomplishment, and leaves each team member with a positive experience from which to draw, and potentially, a new approach to any future task they may face.

By participating in our escape games, team members are given the opportunity to:

• Dissect complex tasks into smaller parts and steps
• Effectively plan their time and manage tasks
• Develop a shared understanding through collaboration and explanation
• Brainstorm courses of action and potential outcomes
• Build stronger communication skills; to convey ideas and potential solutions

The inherent benefits of team building activities like escape games are to…

• Tackle more complex problems than one could on their own
• Learn to delegate roles and responsibilities
• Share diverse perspectives
• Pool the knowledge and skills of all team members
• Hold one another (and be held) accountable
• Receive social support and encouragement to take risks
• Develop new approaches to resolving problems
• Establish a shared identity with other team members
• Find effective co-workers to emulate
• Develop one’s own voice and perspective, in relation to peers

For more information on our corporate packages, please email and we will contact you shortly thereafter.

Here are just some of the amazing corporate teams that have held team-building events at Perplexity...

City of BramptonTown of CaledonCanadian Tire

HBCHome DepotLoblaw Companies Ltd.

MilleniumRoyal Bank of CanadaRegion of Peel

Royal BuildingStaffing EdgeStarbucks




Games @ Our Brampton Location

(Located near Steeles Avenue & Rutherford Road)

The Gate

As demonologists, you have spent years immersed in the occult, the paranormal and dark forces. With the recent disappearance of your colleague, Julianna, this could be the first credible sign that demons walk among us, and even you are terrified of what you might uncover. She had always talked about being haunted as a child by a demonic force that she referred to as "The Beast", and in the days leading up to her disappearance, she was very disturbed and convinced the Beast was back. Now it is up to you to examine what Julianna has left behind so that you can finish what she started, and put an end to the Beast.

Pass Rate: 39%

This room can accomodate 3 - 6 players. However, the recommended # of participants is 5.

NOTE: This game was a fan-favourite at our Mississauga facility before that location was closed down in 2022. We've brought this game back and made it better than before, but many puzzle elements are still similiar. Please consider this if you have already played it and wanted to try it again.


The Last Laugh

It’s 1985 and on the fairgrounds of the Perplexity Bros. Circus and Carnival, you can hear the sounds of demolition trucks nearby. A year ago, the carnival opened but soon became riddled with accidents, disappearances, and deaths. The crowds stopped coming and the carnival workers all vanished, leaving behind only the shell of an abandoned carnival. You and your team of journalistic investigators must find out what happened, before the demolition crews begin erasing away all evidence of why the cheers and laughter turned into cries and screams.

Pass Rate: 29%

This room can accomodate 4 - 8 players. However, the recommended # of participants is 6.


The Elevator

If it seems too good to be probably is. While everything about your new loft was perfect, the rent was oddly low. Now you know why. It's moving day, and on the way up to your new place, the rickety service elevator malfunctions, leaving you all stuck. You quickly realize your landlord was just too cheap to spring for proper service. It's up to you and your friends to fix it and find a way out. With only an hour of air left in the shaft, you say to yourself, "You should've taken the $@%#! stairs."

Pass Rate: 46%

This room can accomodate 2 - 5 players. However, the recommended # of participants is 4.


True Spies

An elite, counter-terrorism Spy unit, known only as "The Resistance", has identified your team as having a very particular set of skills; skills that would make you an asset to their organization. After months of grueling training and evaluation, there’s only one final test that stands in your way - an intense simulation where you must infiltrate LifeLight Laboratories and destroy a deadly, weaponized virus they plan to release worldwide. Only one team will be selected. All others will be eliminated. You have one hour, and it's a race against the clock, and your competition.

Pass Rate: 37%

This room can accomodate 3 - 6 players. However, the recommended # of participants is 5.


Lost & Found

When Detective Hauser asked for your help in the missing persons case of Little Johnny Mapleton, it immediately sent chills down your spine. You know it’s a bad idea to go, but it feels like something is drawing you there; calling you back to the small town you thought you had left behind forever. Years have passed since the day Johnny vanished, and despite Detective Hauser’s best efforts, the case remains unsolved. Before being forced to close the file as a cold case, Detective Hauser is reaching out to Johnny’s ex-classmates, in one last attempt to figure out what happened all those years ago. While you might not have been that close to Johnny, and are even a little scared of what you might uncover, can you overcome your fears and help the Detective lay this mystery to rest?


This room can accomodate 3 - 6 players. However, the recommended # of participants is 5.


Games @ Our Mississauga Location

(Located near Steeles Avenue & Bramalea Road/Highway 407)

Sadly, our Mississauga location has officially closed, permanently, effective Sunday April 17, 2022. We would like to thank everyone that visited us there! For those who did not have a chance to enjoy the experiences at the Mississauga location, we're happy to announce that the same games will be transitioned to our Brampton location over the next while. We have plans of upgrading them to bring you an even more enhanced escape room experience! Please stay tuned for updates and news.


How much does it cost to do a room escape?

Our regular price per person and per room escape experience at our Brampton location ranges from $28.00 to $30.00 depending on the room/game selected. Taxes are already included in our pricing. There may be a few discounts you can take advantage of like doing two or more escape experiences consecutively. Just ask one of our amazing team members for full details and they'll be happy to assist you further.

Can we come without an appointment?

Walk-ins are welcome, but in order to guarantee availability of the room(s) you would like to try out, we recommend booking your escape room in advance.

How can I book a room?

You can book a room by using our simple online booking tool (CLICK HERE), giving us a call (905-595-8583), or visiting us in person (56 Bramsteele Road, Unit 2).

How many players are needed to play an escape game?

Each room has a recommended and optimal number of players, in addition to a required minimum to book. Please see the "Our Rooms" page for the recommendations or call us to find out which room might be best for your team.

Can we still participate with less than the recommended number of players?

While we suggest sticking to the recommended number of players for each room, you may participate with fewer players provided it meets the minimum number of players for that room. For safety reasons, the recommended maximum number of players must be adhered to.

What is the minimum age for participating?

While there really is no age minimum required to participate, we recommend that participants are at least 10 years old so that they can grasp puzzle ideas and storylines. Also, players under the age of 18 must attend with an adult (to sign off on our participation waivers). Age considerations should also be made based on the game/theme selected.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

You can change your reservation up to 24 hours before your scheduled time. You can cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before your scheduled time for a full refund of your deposit. For cancellations with less than 48 hours notice, your deposit will not be refunded.

Can I bring my cell phone into the escape room?

Electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, cameras, etc.) are not permitted inside the escape rooms. We have lockers available to secure your belongings.

What if I have to go to the bathroom/need to leave after starting the escape room?

If you need to leave the room once play has started, you are able to do so. However, please note, if you exit before your time is up without completing the mission, this would be considered a failed mission and the game is over. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund for failed missions. Please ensure participants visit the restrooms before starting game play as necessary as any bathroom breaks taken after the timer has started will end your game.

What happens if we get stuck on a puzzle?

If you get stumped, there will always be a way to contact your Game Master for help or clarification. There's no limit on the number of clues you can ask for, BUT in order to qualify for our leaderboard, you'll want to use 2 clues or less!